Interactive Exploration Solutions Inc. (INEXS®) is a relationship-driven geological and geophysical interpretation consulting company offering fully integrated field studies and undeveloped reserves evaluation. We assess further drilling potential and offer full 2D and 3D exploration evaluations.

INEXS® offers a full range of services (regional geologic studies, exploration evaluation, integrated field studies, A&D assistance, data management, shale resource evaluation and velocity model interpretation (salt)) – all evaluated and delivered using the latest technologies by highly skilled and experienced human beings.

Sampling of INEXS recent projects in Integrated Field Studies:

Project 1: Detailed evaluation of a producing field in West Cameron; containing 23 wellbores.  Scope of work included careful seismic horizon mapping, net sand and net pay reservoir isopach mapping, volumetric calculation of hydrocarbons in place, subtraction of previous production leading to remaining hydrocarbons.  The original area was cross-correlated to seismic far trace amplitude attributes as an additional calibration tool.  Log characteristics (enhanced neutron density crossover) indicated possible gas cap above oil in several wellbores led client to conclude no oil remained in the reservoirs.  Empirical results of several perfs in wellbores with similar 'gas' log signatures confirmed higher gas saturations but still oil production with GOR's less than 2000:1.  The result was confirmation of significant un-produced oil. April 2013 – July 2013

Project 2: Mapping seismic attributes of resource plays and correlating them to production.  April  - May 2014

Project 3: Objective of this study was to calibrate production in Silurian age pinnacle reefs by porosity mapping from seismic attributes.  Several seismic attributes were generated and compared to production but the best fit was achieved by matching the seismic wavelet at the best wellbore to the surrounding data to identify the closest character match. April – May 2014


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