INEXS brings over 25 years of experience and industry leading expertise in providing assessments of "Realizable Economic Value" of a company's oil & gas reserves.  

Hiring INEXS brings expertise in geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering and production to independently assess the potential value of hydrocarbons in the ground, a company's effectiveness in drilling and producing those hydrocarbons, and lifetime costs of production.  The result is a comprehensive study and go-forward plan detailing the strategy to extract the highest value from the assets.

Portfolio Evaluations   Reserve Analysis 
Acquisition & Divestitures  Asset Evaluation
Geoscience and Engineering Resource Play
Field Production Optimization Regional Geology & Basin Studies
International Experience    Integrated Field Studies


South Louisiana Prospect Portfolio
The prospects range from 12,000 ft. to 18,000 ft. in depth and 10 BCF to 200+ BCF with targets ranging in age from Cib Op to Marg A...

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