The INEXS team of engineers, geologists, and geophysicists have worked over 7000 projects encompassing every major basin in the world. We are experts in integrated field studies, understanding and applying regional geology, and resource evaluations.
INEXS helps clients understand and quantify the oil and gas assets they are interested in buying, selling, or investing in. INEXS determines the risks of each asset through rigorous examination and analysis of existing GG&E data. INEXS engineers provide detailed, independent reserves analysis.
Hydrogen's usage as a fuel for electrical power is rapidly becoming a reality. As the demand for more electical power sources and storage rises, INEXS brings its expertise to this field.
As helium's demand and price continues to climb, producers are looking at the market to determine profitability of extraction and separation. INEXS has conducted several detailed studies and reports of natural gas production with associated Helium to improve the economics of the gas wells.
The INEXS team brings a wealth of experience with Carbon Capture and Sequestration techniques from analyzing dozens of CO2 miscible gas flood investment opportunities for clients.

Human powered petroleum engineering and geoscience! Learn more about how our team can help you achieve your goals.

Who We Are

Relationship Driven

Founded in 1990, INEXS is a relationship-driven geological, geophysical and reservoir engineering consulting company offering fully integrated projects ranging from regional basin studies to localized field studies targeting the evaluation of proved and undeveloped reserves.  Specializing in detailed exploration, data interpretation and analysis, INEXS brings clarity to the subsurface picture and delivers high value results for our clients.

Additional Services

Mergers & Acquisitions

INEXS identifies all of the asset attributes, then generates and provides technical analysis and presentations to better attract and retain interested buyers. INEXS is fully qualified to also assist or market the asset packages through virtual/physical data rooms, prospect expos, trade publications, and identification of potential clients. The team at INEXS has worked well over $1 billion in M&A and A&D as a third, non-biased party.

Geoscience & Engineering

The INEXS staff of engineers, geologists, and geophysicists have worked over 7000 projects encompassing every major basin in the world and are qualified experts in resource evaluations, understanding and applying regional geology, and integrated field studies.

More About Mergers & Acquisitions

INEXS has over 25 years of experience providing technical expertise and independent assessments of “Realizable Economic Value” of a company’s oil & gas reserves. Hiring INEXS brings expertise in all disciplines of engineering and geoscience to independently assess the value of hydrocarbons in place, the ability to drill and produce those hydrocarbons, and the lifetime costs of production.

Geoscience & Engineering: Regional Geology

  • Every project begins with an integration of regional geology.
  • Identify productive trends and reservoirs.
  • Study analogous fields including:
    • Production and drive mechanisms.
    • Trapping mechanisms.
    • Reservoir stratigraphy and performance.
    • Apply knowledge of stratigraphy to identify depositional environments.
    • Identify most attractive areas for each reservoir.
    • Apply knowledge of analogous fields to study area.
    • Bring deeper potential into the study area.

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